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Here you can see examples of high quality web site design work we do for our clients. We handle projects of all sizes and industries and we are experienced with web marketing and branding. You can see a few chosen pages from each web site by clicking on the front page thumbnail or the View link.
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Corporate Connection Lines

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  • Create an elegant site that looks good and loads quickly.
  • Provide advanced reservations features that the business users demand.
  • Develop backoffice that allows CCL to update the information in the database as needed.
  • Implement company wide email services for better internal and external communication.

Visit Site

Visit Site specializes in selling computerized embroidery design files which can be purchased and instantly downloaded on the website. Thanks to the intuitive design, thousands of images are at users fingertips. Visitors can enroll in the club of the month and receive store credits that can be used towards designs purchase. Store owner can easily manage the site content, designs inventory, and customer database using our back office suite. Promoting the site with discount coupons is as easy as selecting the mailing list criteria. Back office automatically puts unused coupon codes in the body of the email message and sends the message to the customer.

Site features:
- simple and advanced search engine to quickly locate desired designs
- user registration and user profile management
- club of the month subscription model
- e-commerce cart and credit card processing
- coupons for special sales and discounts
- complete content management and database management back office

Thanks to innovative design and user friendly features, is quickly becoming the authority in its domain. Over 2000 customers registered with the site during the first month after the launch and site gets over 250,000 hits/week. Average user sees 30-40 pages before leaving the site. Clever keyword placement resulted in top 10 ranking on all mayor search engines.

awp industries inc.

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Visit Site awp industries - a metal manufacturer, wanted to establish a competitive image on the Internet. They needed a corporate site that will serve as a marketing tool for their products, a ground for building international partnerships, and as an internal communication tool. Organizing the diversity of awp products and services with their detailed specs and sketches into easy navigation was a challenge that was a great success. Thanks to easy navigation visitors do not feel the depth of the site. The site offers streaming video using RealPlayer technology.

Cardinal Hill Healthcare System

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View Slides Cardinal Hill Healthcare System is the major rehabilitation care provider in Kentucky and consists of five facilities, each specializing in different rehabilitation services and each being its own entity within the system.
To make this complex site as organized as possible, preliminary flowchart models were made to outline the organization of the site. The target audience of this website includes potential, current, and past patients and their families, different kinds of doctors, employees, money donors, just to mention some. Because of such diverse audience the website is laid out in the newsletter form which is easily comprehended by all age groups and audiences.

Investing Team

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View Slides The Investing team, one of the pioneer programs nationwide is the Georgetown College's way of giving hands-on education to its students. The team of 10 chosen students receive a portion of a Georgetown College endowment, up to $100,000 to play the stock market. Featured in various national publications this website was a natural step toward increasing the awareness of this excellent program. Targeted toward member students as well as mass media this site offers an abundance of information about the student investing team.


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GC ACM is a computer interest group created by the founder of RealEffects.Com in 1995. Developed in the dawn of the Internet age, this site still sports attractive graphics, smooth navigation, and informative content.

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