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RATE: $95-175/hr, open to travel



-          Over 10 years of experience with enterprise and web software architecture and engineering, technical and business analysis, and management of software engineering lifecycle.

-          Delivered series of software solutions including windows applications, web applications, corporate portals, B2B exchanges, e-commerce solutions, mobile solutions, hosting solutions. Broad technical expertise.

-          Highly skilled with object oriented architectures and patterns, systems analysis, software design, effective coding practices, databases, and servers. Able to deliver a project from a concept through deployment. Experienced with capturing and documenting requirements from business users, managing project expectations and scope, planning, forecasting, budgeting, negotiation, leadership, and organizational skills.

-          Taught “Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design”, part of Computer Science curriculum at BCC, for two semesters in spare time. Well versed in Object Oriented applications engineering, object modeling, and UML.



Georgetown College CUM LAUDE BA in Management Information

Economics, University of Commerce and Economics, Dubrovnik, Europe


Computer Technologies Skills


q  Development: Visual Studio.2005, C#, ASP.NET ..NET 2.0 Framework, IIS, MSMQ, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML/CSS, XML/XSLT, Wireless (WAP/WML).

q  Databases: SQL Server 2005, data modeling, DDL, DML, Data Marts and Data Warehousing, SSIS, ETL

q  Software Design Tools: UML, Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose, Visio, ERWIN, Embarcadero ER Studio.

q  Project Management Tools: MS Project

q  Depreciated Skills: Visual Basic 6/COM+, ASP/ADO/JSP, Perl/CGI, Oracle Forms, Crystal Reports, C, C++, JAVA. ORACLE, DB2, MS Access,

q  Other: Visual Source Safe, HomeSite, Xselerator, Site Minder, Vignette, eShare, Ektron, Microsoft Media Server, Microsoft Media Player SDK, HTTPWatch, Great Plains, Crystal Reports

q  Working knowledge of network protocols, routers, switches, DNS, servers, web farm architectures, SAN/NAS


Work Experience:


Data Warehousing Consultant

Alltel Corp. (February 2007 – Present), Akron, OH

Business analysis, software design, and implementation of Data Mart in SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, and Business Intelligence Studio for SSIS procedures.

-          Captured requirements by working closely with the client and users

-          Designed and presented detailed software architecture and hosting infrastructure including budgetary requirements.

-          Lead the implementation and testing phases for SSIS ETL procedures, data mart, and web applications providing access to data mart information

-          Managed deployment into production at USI site.


Chief Architect,

Agile Communications Group (ACG) (March 2005 – December 2006) – mobile communications software, Tampa FL

Provided technical leadership and management of IS implementation including infrastructure, business systems, and product development.

-          Significantly influenced company’s business vision and strategy. Worked closely with CEO, CFO, and the board on refining the business plan as it relates to products and services as well as financial forecasts.

-          Built the IT department from zero to effective mechanism. Managed day to day operations of the entire office which primarily consisted of technical resources.

-          Defined, procured, and implemented infrastructure to support business operations including required server equipment, LAN and WAN, VPN, Terminal Services, Active Directory, MS Exchange, CRM, accounting software, security and firewalls. Resulting infrastructure provided efficient operating environment for employees working from the office or on the road. Established best practices for the infrastructure deployments and growth. Defined business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

-          Defined and implemented robust and scalable infrastructure for hosting ACG applications in ASP/SOA models. Defined required redundancy and bandwidth capacity, evaluated multiple hosting vendors, negotiated the contract, and managed the relationship.

-          Managed the entire SDLC. Led product design and technical architecture for text messaging software. Closely involved with requirements definition based on user acceptance testing. Laid out OO foundation for software engineering with emphasis on reusability and quality on Microsoft platform based on MS SQL Server 2005 and MS .net framework 2.0.

-          Successfully delivered multiple projects on time and under budget.

-          Worked with customers to ensure smooth integration and delivery of ACG products. Established best practices for software engineering lifecycle. Applied Agile Software Development practices – Extreme Programming (XP).

-          Recruited Tampa based strategic team of top engineers for critical software products. Employed offshore resources for less critical software engineering tasks. Managed internal and external resources including engineers, consultants, and off-shore vendors.

-          Provided sales support by writing proposals, SOW, making customer presentations and demos, defining web presence and marketing content, and interacting with key customers on all matters.

-          Served as the subject matter expert for mobile phone platform on topics including SMPP, capabilities of wireless carrier networks, delivery of text messages (SMS) in the US and worldwide, SMS interactivity, SMS interoperability, short and long SMS codes, common alert protocol (CAP), cellular broadcasting, application architecture for mobile phones (J2ME), RFID, and more.

-          Presented to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Department of Homeland Security on matters concerning Emergency Alerting System (EAS) expansion to wireless devices.

-          Represented ACG on conferences and networked to gain information and intelligence to make solid decisions for product development for wireless mobile phone platform, SMS, and SMPP.


Enterprise Architect/Business Process Analyst – Contract

Nordis Direct (July 2004 – February 2005), Fort Lauderdale, FL

Task: Analyze the business process for the entire business unit with over 500 potential users consisting of sales, customer service, data entry, order processing, product fabrication, warehousing, and delivery. Upon analysis, re-define business processes, define system implementation strategy, project scope, estimate resources, deliverable milestones, and overall project timeline. Deliverables: Business Analysis, Business Requirements, Detailed Design (including UI wireframes, Class diagrams, ERD, and infrastructure recommendations), Project Plan.

Technology: MVC architecture using C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000, XML/XSL, HTML, JavaScript. Software engineering tools: Enterprise Architect UML Modeler, Visio.NET, ER Studio. Project tools: MS Project Manager.

Team: Functional stakeholders included every department within the business unit.

-          Applied Unified Process practices for analyzing the business domain and documenting requirements.

-          Identified and interviewed functional teams and stakeholders within organization. Quickly grasped the business domain rules and vocabulary and collaborated effectively.

-          Identified business process shortcomings and through analysis and collaboration arrived to workflows that will improve operational efficiency and process quality. Documented the new system using UML diagrams and Use Case scenarios.

-          Designed the Object Oriented solution using Class Diagrams, OO Patterns, and Entity Relationship Diagrams.

-          Defined the project plan that included estimated resource requirements, timelines, and milestones for the implementation phase.


Solution Architect/Team Lead - Contract

NCCI (August 2003 – June 2004) – Industry: Insurance

Task: Extend Risk Information System (RIS) application and convert it from AS/400 mainframe app into a web application. New RIS will be easier to maintain and extend, will require less training for end users, and will provide updated features.

Technology: VB6/COM+, ASP, XML/XSLT, HTML, JavaScript/DHTML, ORACLE 9, PL/SQL, and DB2.

Team: 8 developers

-          Provided guidance with project business requirements and project scope, defined MVC solution architecture, helped manage scope of the project, lead technical implementation, mentored the project team.

-          Designed and implemented object oriented framework encapsulating redundant functionality, resulting in greatly improved productivity of the team as well as long term maintainability of the solution.

-          Established the project development environment including the overall project structure for COM, ASP templates, maintainable directory structure, and Source Safe structure to effectively share objects and reusable code. Implemented consistent error handling.

-          Developed the middle tier in COM+, which returns data in XML format. XSLT is then applied to produce HTML output. Designed and developed session management in server farm environment. Implemented role security on COM+/OS level. Written ORACLE stored procedures, functions, PL/SQL, and DB2 queries.

-          Project delivered on time and under budget.


Team Lead – Contract,

Southern Wine and Spirits (April 2003 – August 2003) – Industry: Wholesale Distr.

Task: Develop a distributed .NET application to support Southern Wines mobile sales force by wireless connectivity to central office. Sales reps in the field are equipped with Toshiba sub-notebooks and need ability to retrieve the latest inventory availability and pricing as well as customer information such as pricing and A/P history. Sales reps can then submit the orders while at client’s warehouse and the fulfillment process can start immediately.

Technology: C#.NET, ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript/DHTML, SQL Server 2000, DB2

Team: 4 developers

-          Application client is a Windows app with a rich GUI that works on the local machine using local database before wireless or wired synchronization takes place. Data synchronization was performed using .NET remoting.

-          Server side consists of several Windows services and applications that listen for update requests or order uploads. Orders are uploaded using .net remoting capabilities. Another service runs nightly to prepare data from AS400 DB2 database for daily refresh. Data is serialized and downloaded to the client during synchronization process. Because of the wireless connection, it is critical that the data files are as small as possible and that any errors during the synch are properly handled.

-          SQL Server 2000 databases serve as staging area that buffer the data exchange both ways, from DB2 to the client and from client to DB2. Developed functionality that allows selective order upload to AS400 in configurable intervals. Written logging and monitoring functionality for server side processes. Added functionality to run server side processes in demo, test, and production modes and use different app config file in each mode. Written the functionality that calls DTS packages from the C# applications, triggers their execution, and passes different set of parameters with each call. Application catches error states generated by SQL Server if DTS package has any runtime problems.


Solution Architect/Team Lead – Contract,

NCCI/SBI (September 2002 – April 2003) – Industry: Insurance


Solution Architect/Team Lead, Servicing Carrier Selection (11/2002 – 4/2003)

Task: Application was developed to facilitate RFP creation process, bid submittal, and bid scoring. RFP questions can be created using any of the available form controls including text box, text area, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-downs, and selection lists. Each answer is assigned certain score and scoring process generates score for each bid. Scenario analysis algorithm processes the scores data to create all possible scenarios and provide the information that facilitates decision making about which combination of bids to accept.

Technology: VB6/COM+, Source Safe, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2000, ORACLE 8, HTML/DHTML, CSS, XML/XSL transformations, ASP pages, JavaScript validations and dynamic features.

Team: 5 developers, DBA

-          Responsible for high-level technical framework architecture and development as well as business functionality. Application was developed with clean separation between business COM layer, ASP, and XSL presentation layer. Data layer was in ORACLE using functions and views.

-          Developed Win2K Service in VB6 that polls database in set intervals. Intervals and scheduling of each run is stored in XML configuration file. Service processes bid scores data and creates all possible permutations for any number of carriers.

-          Developed security component that controls application access and uses ORACLE CRM system and Site Minder as well as a custom session object to maintain session in server farm environment.

-          Responsibilities include business and technical design, data modeling, class design, development of COM components, development of ASP/HTML layer, definition of XML structures and XSL style sheets, writing SQL queries. I was also mentoring the development team and supporting the development environment and testing.


Senior Software Engineer, RiskWorkstation (9/2002 – 11/2002)

Technology: VB6/COM+, Source Safe, PL/SQL, ORACLE 8, DB2, HTML/DHTML, CSS, ORACLE functions and views, XML/XSL transformations, ASP pages, JavaScript validations and dynamic features.

Team: 10 developers

-          Responsible for technical design and development of a mission critical subset of the project for the analysis of MODs and Losses. Developed a solution that uses MSMQ to send requests to the mainframe from DCOM server and wait for response. Data was pulled from several sources on different platforms (IBM mainframe running DB2, Oracle, SQL Server). In the business layer, information is cached in an XML file and reused throughout the application. Developed several COM components to support the business rules and wrote ASP, XML/XSL transformations and JavaScript validation.

-          Project was successfully launched in projected timeframe.


Project Manager/Solution Architect

Real Effects Internet Group (April 2001 – September 2002)

Web Architect,

Legal Strategies Institute (November 2004 – Present)

Task: Managed entire project lifecycle for LSI by helping define requirements, architecture, and implementation for a custom e-commerce solution that offers online video and audio continuing-education seminars for lawyers. Solution consists of the catalog of seminars; shopping cart and checkout process; member area from where purchased content can be viewed; player using Microsoft Media Server for cashless streaming and Windows Media Player. Player area is organized in four frames with view of streaming video, PDF or PPT materials synchronized to the video stream. Accurate tracking of time user spent watching the presentation was of critical importance to provide certificate and communicate earned credits to BAR association upon successful completion; custom developed admin area for managing the catalog, materials and credits that come with each course, customer and order information, and detailed statistics and reports on available content and its usage.

Technology: MVC architecture heavily relying on inheritance, using C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000, HTML, JavaScript, Windows Media Player SDK 10, Microsoft Media Server. Software engineering tools: Enterprise Architect UML Modeler, Visio.NET, ER Studio. Project tools: MS Project Manager.

-          Worked closely with the executive team and end users to capture requirements.

-          Created the project proposal outlining the project plan, required human resources as well as software and hardware, and projected budget

-          Identified and documented more complex functional workflows with use cases and UI mockups (wireframes)

-          Defined the Object Oriented solution using UML class diagrams and ERD.

-          Hands on C# development of most of the business layer that constitutes project framework. Developed player interface that must be able to track if user has viewed the entire seminar, number of times seminar was viewed, and provide synchronization of accompanying content and the video stream.


Lambda PhysikIndustry: Manufacturing, Science, Research

Task: Re-launch the corporate portal (lambdaphysik.com) to achieve higher visitor conversion rate and to better market Lambda’s products and services. Secondary goal was to enable Lambda to manage the variety of bi-lingual content on the site including news articles, employment postings, seminars, research materials, sales and support documentation, and more. Special attention was paid to achieving high visibility on the Internet through search engine optimization and tracking and collection of user information. The solution includes the dedicated server hosting.

Technology: VB6/COM, ASP, SQL Server 2000, HTML/DHTML, CSS, Java Script, Ektron content management.

Team: 3 developers, client’s marketing dept. analyst

-          Responsible for working with the client on establishing deliverables, timeline, budget, managing project scope and project resources. Recruited the contractors and delivered the project on time and budget.

-          Executed usability study and produced effective interface that improved visitor conversion rate (visitors to prospects) by 50%. GUI was organized to emphasize Lambda’s products and services as well as promote Lambda’s brand through visual impact of the site.

-          Architected and managed delivery of the back-end, written in VB6/ASP and SQL Server 2000. Site content and meta-data are stored in database and displayed using CSS/HTML templates. Content is managed from the admin module using WYSIWYG WebEditPro GUI running in browser. Admin module also allows creating new pages, PDF files, standard forms to the pages, employment postings, promotions, analyzing site traffic, emailing newsletters, managing user groups, and more.

-          Developed personalization and profile management piece that allows Lambda to capture and manage visitors’ information.

Task: Develop a Windows application used by Lambda’s sales force to keep their catalog and presentations information up to date. Application is distributed on a CD and upon installation, the files can be synched with a server and latest updates can be downloaded. Separate administrative web application was developed to maintain the updated files on the server. Application greatly reduced expensed associated with distribution of fresh CD to it’s sales force. The solution includes the dedicated server hosting.

Technology: VB6/COM, ASP, SQL Server 2000, HTML/CSS, Java Script

Team: 2 developers, business analyst

-          Responsible for working with the client on establishing deliverables, timeline, budget, managing project scope and project resources. Recruited the contractors and delivered the project on time and budget.

-          Defined the business requirements and solution architecture.

Task: Develop a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) system that greatly improved efficiently and effectiveness of several Lambda’s departments and consequently produced significant savings.

Technology: VB6/COM, ASP, SQL Server 2000, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Java Script

Team: 1 developer, business analyst

-          Responsible for working with the client on establishing deliverables, timeline, budget, managing project scope and project resources. Recruited the contractors and delivered the project on time and budget.


Sewitnow.com (August 2001 - December 2001) – Industry: e-commerce

Task: Develop a custom e-commerce solution for selling downloadable software.

Technology: VB6/COM, ASP, SQL Server 2000, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Java Script.

Team: 3 developers and graphics designer

-          Responsible for working with the client on establishing deliverables, timeline, budget, managing project scope and project resources. Recruited the contractors and delivered the project on time and budget.

-          Architected and managed the implementation of the entire project with following deliverables:

-          Complete custom built catalog that allows efficient management of thousands of designs for sale. Powerful search engine that allows phrases and wildcards for inventory search.

-          Flexible and innovative shopping cart allows quick and easy shopping.

-          Secure checkout that allows use of coupons or membership credits to charge purchases.

-          Trial membership model allows users to try before they buy monthly subscription.

-          Efficient membership administration through custom built interfaces.

-          Site administration and content management through custom interfaces.

-          Graphical design, navigation, and usability creating a quick and easy shopping experience.



Corporate Connection Lines (April 2001 – August 2001) Industry: Transportation

Task: Develop an interactive Internet presence for the large, Ft. Lauderdale based Transportation Company.

Technology: VB6/COM, ASP, SQL Server 2000, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Java Script.

Team: 3 developers and graphics designer

-          Responsible for working with the client on establishing deliverables, timeline, budget, managing project scope and project resources. Recruited the contractors and delivered the project on time and budget.

-          Architected and managed the implementation of the entire project with following deliverables:

-          Users can find rates for different vehicles and different relations in airline booking fashion.

-          CCL staff can manage rates and site content through easy to use interfaces.

-          Database driven reservations gives users capability to request reservations for different vehicles 24/7. The Transportation Wizardä takes user step-by-step through the reservation process.

-          Site loads fast and sports attractive graphics and easy to use interface.

-          Site design and corporate identity including the logos and marketing slogans.



Director of Applications Engineering

PartsBase.com (November/2000 – April/2001)

-      Management Responsibilities: Overseeing overall Internet and Intranet Development for B2B exchange including sales and accounting systems. Project planning and scheduling, risk management, resource mapping, monitoring and reporting. Participated with executive management in establishing priorities and goals.

-      Successfully completed project that missed two quarterly deadlines in four weeks by effective leadership of the applications engineering department:

-      Hired developers and built cross-functional, matrix managed teams. Encouraged knowledge sharing and supportive and positive environment and ensured that staff has necessary tools and knowledge.

-      Established coding guidelines and standards for object oriented and component-based development with maintainability, reusability, and performance in mind. Implemented release management proces..

-      Implemented staged delivery plan and established project inputs and outputs at each stage.

-      Established excellent communication with other IT departments (QA, Client Services, Networking) and all levels of management and users. Defined desired inputs from business analysts.

-      Provided technical and business mentorship and conducted code reviews with teams.

-      Responsible for applications engineering budget of 1.5 Million.


Senior Consulting Partner

Breakaway Solutions (July 2000 – November 2000)

-      Development and data modeling for a large-scale B2B exchange that included auctioning engine and scalable storefronts. Developed JAVA/JSP back-end on IIS4 platform.


Lead Internet Engineer

ACS – Affiliated Comp. Services (April 1999-July 2000)

-      Designed and delivered custom Internet based document management system.

-      Management experience included team building and project management,

-      Architected and lead development of real-time reporting system that provides just in time intelligence for all business processes related to internal production for each corporate client

-      User base included UPS, Aetna, MetLife, Humana, NCCI, BCBS and others. 


Programmer Analyst  (SCT Corp. Jun 1998 – April 1999)

-          Writing functional and technical specs, form design, algorithm design, database design, integration, testing, and quality assurance. Development using Oracle Forms 2000, PRO C, PERL, PL/SQL on ORACLE.


Systems Analyst  (Vascor, Ltd. 10/96-6/98 - Toyota Plant)

-          Business analysis, architecture, and Client/Server development of a real-time logistics system in Visual Basic.


Manager (Georgetown College Computer Lab January 1995 – 1996)

-          Managing and training lab assistants, scheduling, meetings, supervising the lab, assigning duties.

-          Mentoring Computer Science courses.


Relevant Activities, Awards and Honors:


q  Founding President of The Georgetown College Association for Computing Machinery organization (ACM).

q  Outstanding Freshmen in Computer Science Award.